Swimming clubs forced to issue '10 commandments'

By Daily Mail Reporter
Swimming clubs are giving parents 'commandments' on how to treat children amid concerns that talented youngsters are being over-burdened by expectation.More and more are adopting and adapting a satirical Biblical-style list of instructions on behaviour created by an American swimming coach.Coaches are posting 'The 10 Commandments for Swimming Parents' on websites and noticeboards in an attempt to get their message across in light-hearted fashion.


'The 10 commandments for parents

Thou shalt not impose your ambitions on thy child. Remember that swimming is your child's activity.

Thou shalt be supportive no matter what.

Thou shalt not coach thy child.

Thou shalt only have positive things to say at a swimming meet.

Thou shalt acknowledge thy child's fears.

Thou shalt not criticize the officials.

Honor thy child's coach.

Thou shalt be loyal and supportive of thy team.

Thy child shalt have goals besides winning.

Thou shalt not expect thy child to become an Olympian.'


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